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Just in Time for Summer… RejuveSkin Clinics Announces New Medical Treatment to Permanently Eliminate a Dreaded Skin Condition - Cellulite!

Women Spend a Fortune to Treat the Lumpy Fat Around Their Thighs, but Does Anything Really Work? FINALLY, YES!

July 2002 (Newstream) -- "Now women have a better choice than creams, pills, or suction devices to treat the chronic causes of cellulite," beamed Stephen Giunta, M.D., President of RejuveSkin® Clinics during the unveiling of the company's newest JCAHO (Joint Commission On Accreditation Of HealthCare Organizations) approved cellulite clinic in Alexandria, Virginia.

Until now, people have had to rely on questionable alternative methods, to deal with a very common condition that affects 90% of post pubescent women. But now, RejuveSkin Clinics, a new nationwide group of specialized cellulite clinics offers a one-time therapy that permanently removes the causes of cellulite, rather than merely treating its symptoms — the bumpy outward appearance.

"Alternative methods merely treat cellulite's symptoms, which is why these therapies require that the afflicted person apply them continuously," Dr. Giunta explained. "Even then, most show little, if any improvement in the condition's

The new process, aptly named the RejuveSkin Treatment®, offers an everlasting answer to cellulite problems. The treatment, originated by triple-board certified aesthetic plastic surgeon Stephen Giunta, M.D., is administered using RejuveSkin Clinics' patent-pending RejuveSkin DermaSector & Graft System®.

New One-Time Medical Treatment Permanently Removes Cellulite

With over 30 years of surgical experience and an inventor of numerous medical instruments and procedures, Dr. Giunta developed the RejuveSkin Treatment System three years ago, and has now refined the instruments and process to make it effective in every case treated, with numerous patients thrilled by the results.

The RejuveSkin Treatment is NOT liposuction. Instead it removes cellulite from affected areas by eliminating cellulite's causes — small fibrous strands called septae — and cures the condition permanently, which is why RejuveSkin Clinic patients need to be treated only once, not repeatedly, like other therapies.

Alternative treatments designed to temporarily alleviate the symptoms of cellulite - its bumpy outward appearance on the skin, have now been proven ineffective. Clinical studies published in the highly respected journal, Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgery
(Vol. 104, No.4), the most widely read plastic surgery journal in the world, conclude that 'cellulite treatments with endermologie or cellulite creams provide little or no improvement.' The study concluded that
neither aminophylline creams nor endermologie is effective in the treatment of cellulite.

"RejuveSkin Clinics are the only group of clinics in the United States that have the specialized training and instruments to medically remove cellulite's cause, the septae, and finally give women a permanent solution to their problem," said
Geoffrey Cook, CEO of the privately held company. "And they can have it done in less than 90 minutes, at less cost and inconvenience than the other so-called therapies."

The treatment is ONLY available at authorized RejuveSkin Clinics, now located in; Alexandria (Washington, D.C.); Honolulu, Hawaii; and South Miami Beach, Florida. Additional clinics will be opening in six other states in the next few


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