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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Can I Cure My Cellulite Problem With Exercise?

It is widely agreed by medical practitioners and recognized medical associations that cellulite cannot be treated by exercise alone. While exercise is recommended for good overall health, it does little or nothing to reduce the trapped cells of fat beneath the skin in leg, thigh, and buttocks areas.

Can Dieting Solve My Cellulite Problem?

No amount of dieting or weight loss will alleviate a cellulite problem. Dieting and eating behavior modification will only result in general reduction of fat across the entire body. While it may seem that the cellulite problem is lessened, it is still there.

What About Mechanical Suction Devices?

Treatments such as these are often referred to as liponic sculpting. These treatments use a roller device attached to a powerful vacuum pump, which is supposed to break up fatty deposits trapped by the septae under the skin. Usually 14 treatments are REQUIRED every six months (averaging $100 for each treatment, or approximately $1500 per treatment regime), and the results are NOT GUARANTEED.

Recently the FDA agreed that makers of the Endermologie treatment devices could ONLY claim, "…TEMPORARY reduction in the APPEARANCE of cellulite."

Also, it is recommended that CONTINUOUS treatments be implemented after the initial therapy, about once a month, to maintain the treatment. The majority of physicians, surgeons, and medical community generally agree that these forms of treatment are nothing more than gimmicks.

These treatments DO NOT in any manner eliminate fat in the body, nor PERMANENTLY CURE CELLULITE. They require an ongoing commitment by the patient in time and money (continual treatments REQUIRED or condition will usually quickly return) because they ONLY treat the symptoms of the skin disorder . . . its outward bumpy appearance.

What About So-Called Deep Tissue Therapy Massage, and Cellulite Creams?

There is absolutely no medical evidence to support the claims that these forms of therapy work. Furthermore, they only address the symptoms of cellulite, not its causes. At best, they do nothing more than relax the muscles, in the case of massage therapy, or condition the epidermal layer (outer layer of skin) with oils and/or solvents. There have been medical reports that indicate some of the ingredients contained in creams or solutions actually create dermal rash, or allergic reactions. Both are not a permanent treatment for a cellulite problem.

How Long Does The Treatment Take

The RejuveSkin Treatment usually takes about an hour to 1-1/2 hours depending on the extent of the cellulite. You will have to arrive about an hour before the treatment to prepare, and in most cases you'll be able to leave shortly afterwards. A prior consultation with one of our surgeons to determine if you are a good candidate for cellulite removal is required.

Will It Hurt?

During the treatment, our staff will ensure that you're comfortable and will feel absolutely no pain. In most cases, local anesthesia and sedation (twilight sleep) is part of the treatment, but you have the option to either be awake, or asleep with general anesthesia. This will be discussed with you in detail during your consultation. Any pain or discomfort you might experience afterwards is usually minimal and can be controlled through prescribed medication.

How Soon Can I Get Back To Work?

It depends greatly on each individual patient, the extent of the cellulite problem and your occupation. But in the majority of cases, patients are back to work in a few days.

Will Everyone Know I had The RejuveSkin Treatment?

Not likely, but if anything, the only comments will be positive. Friends may enviously ask if you've been on a new diet or exercise regime, but typically they won't know you've had the RejuveSkin Treatment unless you tell them.

How Long Will It Last?

RejuveSkin is a permanent cellulite treatment. In the great majority of patients, the causes of cellulite are removed because our treatment terminates the septae and prevents scarring of the treated skin area. In rare instances (usually less than one in ten patients), a cellulite area might be missed after the treatment. In these cases, we will provide a touch-up procedure on the area at no charge to the patient.

How Long Will It Be Before I Can Wear Clothing That Exposes My Treatment Area?

In most cases, depending on the extent of your cellulite problem, the majority of swelling from the RejuveSkin Treatment will disappear in about a week to ten days. The majority of skin discoloration caused by bruising is usually gone after a few weeks.

We recommend having the procedure done at least a month before wearing a bikini, bathing suit, or other garment that exposes the treatment areas. The final optimal result will usually be appreciated a few months after the RejuveSkin Treatment . . . and will be permanent.

My Doctor Told Me That Severing The Septae Could Worsen The Appearance Of My Cellulite — Because It Could Result In Underlying Scarring. Is This True?

NO MATTER WHAT COSMETIC OR PLASTIC SURGERY PROCEDURE YOU HAVE PERFORMED, SCARRING WILL RESULT. That is a medical fact. Whether you have breast augmentation, a face lift, or liposuction . . . all of these medical procedures WILL CREATE SCARRING. Scars are created when tissue normally heals. THE GOAL OF ANY SURGICAL PROCEDURE IS TO CONTROL OR MINIMIZE SCARRING.

SIMPLY LANCING the connective septae tissue without CONTROLLING THE SCARRING that would normally occur, could possibly worsen a cellulite condition. Many plastic surgeons have tried the technique of simply lancing septae to solve a cellulite problem before . . . with less than desirable results.


Our medical technique involves the harvesting and treatment of localized tissue taken from the patient during the procedure. The tissue grafts are of a certain length and consistency, and are treated with custom solutions and a technique that's been perfected by Dr. Giunta over the past ten years. Furthermore, our medical instruments are designed to minimize the tissue trauma, thus greatly reducing any potential scarring. The tissue graft material is then safely reintroduced back into the treated areas, GREATLY REDUCING THE FORMATION OF DEFORMATIVE SCAR TISSUE, and resulting in smooth skin without any of the problems associated with simply lancing septae. Over a period of weeks, the tissue grafts take and develop their own circulation, assuring that the skin's surface will remain smooth and permanently cellulite-free.

Proof of our successful technique is in patients who've had the RejuveSkin Treatment performed over one-and-a-half years ago, who still have perfectly smooth skin and no cellulite. (Click here to see results.)

Will There Be External Scars?

Depending on the amount of cellulite present and its location, you'll have a few very small (usually less than the width of a pencil eraser) puncture marks on the skin, that may appear like freckles, and even these usually disappear over time. They're usually hidden in the natural lines and creases of your skin, so they're rarely visible.

How Much Does It Cost?

RejuveSkin is comparable in cost to temporary treatments when considering that these temporary methods recommend a continued regime of treatment (or the cellulite condition will return). When adding up all the cost of these alternative treatment methods, which usually don't work, the RejuveSkin Treatment is, in fact, far less expensive.

With the RejuveSkin Treatment, you only need to have it done once . . . not the ongoing expense and hassle of other non-medically proven alternatives. Typically the average cost for the treatment is $4,500.

I've Heard Some Medical People Tell Me That 'Nothing is Permanent' When It Comes To Cellulite Treatments. What's The Real Story Here?

Simply said, the RejuveSkin Treatment is a proprietary process NOT available to doctors in ANY facility other than a licensed RejuveSkin Clinic. Because of this, none know of our proprietary instruments and technique until they've qualified and completed our RejuveSkin Training Certification Program, trained in an operating room setting by Dr. Giunta himself. Medical personnel that haven't completed our certification program are uninformed when it comes to describing our medical technique . . . and not every doctor qualifies to become a RejuveSkin Treatment physician.

RejuveSkin surgeons ONLY qualify for training with Dr. Giunta's instruments and graft system/technique when they've achieved a minimum of ten+ years of actual surgical practice, not simply instructional practice. They must have a detailed knowledge and skill sets of performing hundreds of hours of liposuction per year, AND hundreds of hours spent annually performing surgery, specifically handling cannula-type instruments.

Because of the technique we use — first lancing the septae in a special manner, then reintroducing treated, tissue grafts — virtually all cellulite is PERMANENTLY removed in the areas where the RejuveSkin Treatment is performed, with little sub-dermal scarring.

RejuveSkin Clinics maintains that with the elimination of the problematic septae in the cellulite affected areas, and with the new tissue grafts in place, your cellulite will be permanently removed.

Obviously, if a patient who's had the RejuveSkin Treatment gains significant weight and exceeds their recommended BMI (body mass index) by greater than 25% they risk not only general health problems, but will most likely complicate and create new cellulite sites as a result of the excessive weight gain. In all instances, maintaining a compliant, healthy body weight is recommended. Also, genetic factors and general health, age and lifestyle can affect one's cellulite condition.

Can I Finance It?

100% financing is readily available on approved credit. We participate with a local bank and a national medical financing company. Our clinics can give you all the details, either before or at your consultation.

Will Insurance Cover It?

The RejuveSkin Treatment is considered an 'elective' cosmetic surgery procedure by most insurance plans, so they don't cover it. But there are exceptions. Our nurses will help you in determining if you have insurance coverage.


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