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Clinical Study — Patient Satisfaction Survey


A quantitative primary research study was performed in August of 2003 sampling previous RejuveSkin Cellulite Treatment patients. After performing hundreds of RejuveSkin Cellulite Treatment procedures on both men and women patients over a three-year period, a Patient Satisfaction Survey was mailed to a sample patient list to determine the level of patient satisfaction. Forty patients were queried in the sample at random. A sample questionnaire was mailed to these patients, and included a four-question survey form. As well, some patients were contacted by telephone. The survey mailing included a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope for patients to use.


  • 37.7% of the patients who were invited to respond, did so. This response rate exceeded the standard response rate for this type of survey according to pre-established industry standards.
  • Of the respondents, 80% replied that they were satisfied with the overall results of the RejuveSkin Cellulite Treatment. Some respondents reported that their cellulite had been reduced by 85%-90%.
  • Of the patients polled, 100% reported no complications with some patients reporting from over two years ago.
  • Over 90% of all patients reported that they’d tried other alternative methods to reduce their cellulite including pills, patches, wraps, creams, liposuction and endermologie, with little or no success from these other alternative methods.
  • Of the patients surveyed, 80% said they would recommend the RejuveSkin Cellulite Treatment to another person.

Survey Analysis

  • The majority of patients polled (over 78%) reported that there had been considerable improvement in the reduction of their cellulite problem.
  • Approximately 21% of patients reported that the RejuveSkin Treatment procedure was less effective in their front thigh areas.
  • Two (2) patients reported that they’d shown little or no improvement at all.
  • Average age of the patients surveyed was 35.13 years old. Average height was 5’ 5”. Average weight was 132 lbs.

Random Patient Responses From Study

Were you satisfied with the overall results of the treatment, without regard to any small problematic areas that still might remain? ( If yes, why?) (If no, why?)

  • “Yes. Who wouldn’t be satisfied to be cellulite free?”
  • “Yes. Thought the area was greatly improved.”
  • “Yes. Very much so. My visible cellulite has been reduced by 80% or more.”
  • “Yes. My silhouette is much smoother.”
  • “Yes. My skin feels smoother.”
  • “No. The areas of most concern to me were not affected at all. I saw improvements on buttocks, but the front thigh area was my main concern.”
  • “Yes. My waist, back, tummy, legs all are just great! I love it.”

Would you recommend the RejuveSkin Treatment to another person? ( If yes, why?) (If no, why?)

  • “Yes, and already have. I believe in it!!”
  • “Yes, very highly.”
  • “Yes. It is a real solution, not just a temporary fix.”
  • “Yes. I would caution them to be very realistic and not expect 100% or even 75% removal of cellulite.”
  • “Yes. A lot better than before the surgery. Very little discomfort after surgery and you can see the improvement immediately.”
  • “Yes. If looking for improvement in certain areas (concentrated). No if expecting miracles, as I was and if wanting to improve cellulite around knees and thighs.”
  • “Absolutely! Because it works. I love it!”
  • “I’ve recommended it to my friends and family (mom). Waiting for California offices to open so they can come in.”


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