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About RejuveSkin® Clinics


RejuveSkin® Clinics are a special group of outpatient medical facilities that specialize in the surgical removal and treatment of cellulite and its causes.

Our unique minimal surgical method, the RejuveSkin® Treatment involves the use of the patent pending RejuveSkin DermaSecter & Graft System. The RejuveSkin DermaSecter is a specially designed, flexible instrument that permits cellulite lysing (termination) of cellulite-septae – the sub-dermal causes of the skin condition – in selected areas, from a single point of insertion. The DermaSecter’s unique patent-pending design enables termination of problematic cellulite-septae at their point of attachment just under the skin, thereby reducing scarring trauma to underlying tissue. Our RejuveSkin Graft System then permits the reintroduction of patients’ own, chemically treated, washed tissue back into these terminated sites (tissue grafting). Once the tissue grafts develop their own circulation (1-4 weeks), they leave the skin's surface smooth and cellulite-free without the complications of sagging and/or scarring two problems that have traditionally plagued this manner of treatment.

The RejuveSkin Treatment is a medical procedure that specifically attacks cellulite's causes, not its symptoms — the bumpy external appearance. Because of this, people with the condition, usually only need to be treated once… instead of alternative treatments that require constant application.


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