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Patient Testimonials… One Year Later

Click on the patient's initials below to see their comments in their own handwriting:

E.K. | J.D. | L.Z. | V.L.

Before & After Photos of these RejuveSkin patients— 1 year later

Q. How has the RejuveSkin Treatment affected or changed your life?

  • Patient E.K. wrote: Yes, I am more comfortable wearing a bathing suit.
  • Patient J.D. wrote: My cellulite is much less noticeable and the appearance is great now! I'm much less self conscious naked!!
  • Patient L.Z. wrote: Am not embarrassed to wear swim suits anymore have more confidence in myself and my body.
  • Patient V.L. wrote: I don't mind seeing myself naked.

Q. Why would you recommend the RejuveSkin Treatment to others?

  • Patient E.K. wrote: Yes!
  • Patient J.D. wrote: Yes.
  • Patient L.Z. wrote: Yes, I think it really makes a difference and other notice I get lots of complements.
  • Patient V.L. wrote: Yes.

Q. How long after the RejuveSkin Treatment did it take for you to see results?

  • Patient E.K. wrote: Several months after the bruising and swelling went away.
  • Patient J.D. wrote: A couple of months… the bruising and slight swelling were all gone by that time and you could see the new smoothness.
  • Patient L.Z. wrote: Right away.
  • Patient V.L. wrote: After the bruising cleared mostly, but I could tell a difference right away.

Q. How would you compare the RejuveSkin Treatment to other methods you may have tried to eliminate cellulite (diet, exercise, endermologie, pills, wraps, etc.)?

  • Patient E.K. wrote: Nothing that I have tried in the past (pills, creams, etc.) showed a difference in my skin the way the RejuveSkin Treatment did.
  • Patient J.D. wrote: Nothing else works! This procedure is well worth the money — everything else is temporary at best!
  • Patient L.Z. wrote: This method actually works dramatically.
  • Patient V.L. wrote: Much quicker however, not without a long recovery (bruising). I don't think diet & exercise would have taken care of it.


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